• Meteor Up A tool to setup servers and deploy apps (Meteor, Node, Docker images, etc.)
  • mup-aws-beanstalk A community funded plugin for Meteor Up to deploy Meteor apps to AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • pure-admin A simple and extensible admin page for Meteor apps designed not to interfere
  • zodern:standard-minifier-js Faster minifier for Meteor apps to create production source maps
  • Monti APM Production monitoring and error tracking for Meteor apps
  • Meteor During my free time or for clients, I sometimes work on improving the performance of Meteor's build tool.

Old Projects

  • Silk GUI A project I created in high school to build a GUI for NodeOS. Was my first time using Node outside Meteor, websockets, and Vue.
  • BizGame: A realtime, multiplayer game to simulate running a retail store chain, built with Meteor. At one point 7% of my highschool played it.

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